Sunday, March 30, 2008

*Malu* (Earth Hour 2008)

So Melbournians - where were you yesterday at 8pm?
Yup - that's right - it's the Earth Hour which I supposedly signed up for (Refer here) - and what was I doing?

Here's where the "malu" (translation: embarrassment) comes in... I was cooking, with lights on - and complaining that the light wasn't bright enough.

Sigh! I really have to learn to know myself better and stop signing up for things that I wouldn't commit to.

Read another Melbournian's honest take on the Earth Hour 2008 here - posted @ Writings in keinism.

How did Sydney go this time?
Check out this cool video of Sydney entering Earth Hour 2008 or if you prefer picture, here in the Sydney Observatory blog.

1 comment:

'Lil Cookie said...

hahahahah begooo loe.. gw padahal liat di koran foto sydney pas earth our! taunya loe lupa..dodol ketan!