Friday, March 07, 2008

In Repair

"I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm getting there..."
-- In Repair by John Mayer

I got my work done last nite (even though I had to stay back quite a bit) - went home to Shanon's place - had yummy home made pizza while watching "As Good As It Gets". (Very Nice and ,WOW, Jack Nicholson!)

Today, got up a bit later - cause I've clocked in enough working hours to do so.. Then decide on what to wear (which strangely for once I'm happy with), made the decision to go to gym at lunch time (which I am very happy with)...

Walked out of the house - was greeted a nice weather (by my standard of course) - it's breezy and the sky is a little cloudy grey; but it somehow gives me a very soothing nice feeling. Stopped at the station - bought a cup of coffee which lid comes with buttons. Quite happy that I get to press on these buttons cause it's been a while (I've been buying 2$ coffees which lid doesn't have buttons :P)

On the way to South Yarra station, a few strangers were smiling back at me, which create this very nice feeling... Then, on my way to work, as usual I walked past the guy who sold the 2$ ready made coffee. I felt a little guilty with coffee already in hand, but smiled at him and explained that I thought he might not have any left seeing that I was late. He was being very nice about it. :)

Got to the office, the lift was also being nice, it arrives at the time I get there (someone else already pressed the calling button) - AMAZING! It normally takes me at least 2-3 mins to get a lift. Small talk with the guy who got us the lift and then realized (cause he mentioned) that it's the Friday of a long weekend... That explains the joy in those strangers' smile :P Work begun.

In general, things are great lately. I've fixed my hot shower at home, it's no longer turning cold every 2 mins (thankfully!). I've updated my phone plans - hopefully this one suits me better! I'm on cancellation notification with Fitness First cause I've decided to give Bikram Yoga a try. I've finalised my Tax Refund for 2006-2007 with a highly recommended accountant (email me for details). I've fixed my PDA phone, my notebook, my financial situation... I'm reading a really good book.... Couldn't be any happier.

This book that I'm reading, "Eat Pray Love", talks about the main character being a control freak... I feel like I'm one too (although it's a little freaky, especially when you consider my previously written post... am I just "internalizing" what she feels?)... Or am I actually a control freak (considering my tendency to get excited about ticking things off my to-do list)?

Now - why did I titled this post "In Repair"?

Well - my walking journey to work that I talked about above, ended with the John Mayer song... For some reason, the chorus just goes right into my head... It feels like the statement is referring to my life at the moment.. I can feel that I'm getting things together.. Things are good in my life at the moment and they keep getting better... I'm getting there... Just like John Mayer sings repetitively...

"I'm in repair, I'm not together but I'm getting there..."
-- In Repair by John Mayer


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