Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ex-Loved Clothes (Melbourne)

It all started with this link I found in the vine, for better or purse... Now I get all excited about this new cool thing of "clothes swap"!! It's so great. I know it's risky (if other people bring ugly stuffs then it's totally not fun), but I really can't wait to attend one of these events.. It will work well for me to dump most of my still nice clothing but don't fit as well anymore and (hopefully) get something nice that fits better! :)

Check these links out...
* Swap and save | Herald Sun which talks about Clothing Exchange
* The Clothes Swapping Revolution? « Australian OTHERWISE Network
* Swap 'til you drop - Leader News: Melbourne community news which talks about Swap My Style

On the other side, if you just feel like donating your ex-loved work clothes, check this site out, Fitted for Work. It's a pretty neat idea to help other people get work while helping us clean up our over-cluttered closet.

If you're still bored, have a look at this Super Kawaii Mama blog and her Style Diary page. It amazes me that a mum actually have the time and put the effort to look like this!!! I wish I can be 10% as stylish as she is.

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