Saturday, June 30, 2007

The End of Veronica Mars (the series)???

I just finished watching episode 20 of the third season of the Veronica Mars series. @#!#!$!@#!%!#!@

Chai, a friend at work, told me couple months ago that it looks like the series is going to be axed, which is not a good news at all to me; but to stop it in the middle??? THAT IS JUST PLAIN CRUEL!!!
Have confirmed it through Wikipedia and couple other sites...

Booooooooooo... Wushaaaa... Breath.... :P

Now, who's going to tell me what happened to Piz and Veronica? I want to see Veronica back with Logan!!! What's going to happen with Navarro??? What about the stupid and annoying castle that's led by Jack Kane??? What bout the voting? What about Sheriff Mars? When will I get to see such a lovely relationship between a father and a daughter ever again?


Booooooo booooo!!!
Anyway - I better take my rant somewhere else.


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