Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Moving Forward...

I did the scary yet unavoidable thing today.
It was yet another unplanned step... as with my haircut :P
I told my team leader @ work that I'd like to do something different.
I told him that work have started to feel a bit draggy (is there such a word? :P)
He was extremely nice and understanding about it - not surprisingly cause he is a really nice person after all.
He'll talk to the relevant person and see if I can get Java / .Net work at another site.. :)
In the mean time, I'll have to brush up on my Java skills - it's been a while - though I do remember liking it a lot more than SQL :P
A bit nervous as to what might happens next but also excited at the same time... Hopefully will be able to still work in the city though..

The new financial year is coming soon. Another tax season. *Sigh* Need to find another accountant, an even better one than the one I see last year. :)

House transaction with Sugi is now settled.
Have to find the right agent to rent out the place by 1st July.
They all have different fees and different services.
Choices choices choices. :P

I feel that I'm moving forward.
I'm glad I made THAT big decision.
I'm glad I've told my team leader about work.
I'm happy with the prospect of Java work sometimes soon - I might be imagining as to how good it is but hey, how will I find out if I don't try it? :)
Also planning to start doing the correspondence Interior Design course sometimes soon - should be fun - and hopefully useful..

I'm happy with what I'm doing with my life lately.
I've done quite a few things on impulse and it feels great.
I've crossed off some things from my to-do lists :) Some of the things I've procrastinating for a while too!!!
I've also done things for myself just because I want to and not because I have to.. They might not be the most correct thing to do - but I enjoy doing it and that makes it worth doing :P
I guess it all comes down to achieving the balance between the mundane unavoidable tasks
(have-tos) and the feel good tasks (want-tos)... I'm learning to strive for that ^.^

I feel that I've finally come out on the other side of pool...
Ready for the new chapter...
Let the story unfold...

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