Saturday, June 30, 2007

i-google vs my-yahoo

Lately, My Yahoo! has been playing up a bit on me. It wouldn't show my mail properly, which has kinda defeated its main purpose to me. I love that I can see my emails and my RSS feeds together. What's a girl to do but to start looking and comparing with other available facility? :)

So... Since I've been considering to switch to iGoogle for a while anyway, I thought I'll give it a go.

The look:

My Yahoo!

They have different kind of look. I like iGoogle's theme's title bar... The city colour changes according to your time zone which is simply smart to me :) But I like My Yahoo! smaller fonts and flexibility in the width of the contents. Maybe iGoogle just hasn't evolved as much. Though, come to think about it, no new My Yahoo! theme has been added as of last year or maybe two years ago?

Talking about flexibility, I really like how I can add my Yahoo! mail on my iGoogle page. It really saves a lot of hassle. And as with any other Google tools, a lot of people have customised things and made them available for use. Which is extremely cool.

I have to say.. I could definitely use a better RSS feed preview function in iGoogle. I think My Yahoo definitely score a point there.
But.... the Google Map Search is such a cool tool!!! Double points there :P
Love the integration of Google Bookmarks with Firefox. I don't have to add bookmarks to my browser as well as my yahoo again. Another double points!

All in all, iGoogle has done really well in terms of the usability and the customise-ability... Hopefully they'll either modify the font size or let me do it soon!!!
The fact that most of the services that I use are provided by google nowadays (blogger, gmail, google talk, google???), makes me lean towards sticking with iGoogle.. At least for a little while. Change the font size!!! :P

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By the way, if you like adding gadgets to your personalized homepages, do visit Lab Pixies!!! They have the coolest (read: cutest) gadgets on the web!!! I love their Mini Clock!

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