Monday, June 11, 2007

Songs from the past...

I went through my mp3 list just now.. Found some song that I used to listen to quite a lot back when I was in high school... Thought I'd played them just for fun... Turned out to be very meditative.. :) Well, I guess it helps that these are songs for my exams time or for prior to my bed time thing... Then I remembered that I brought cassette over from Indo - the prob is that I don't have the "proper" cassette player :) So, just going through the list and trying to find some songs that I haven't got and try to find them so I can properly listen to the whole album... :)

"My Slow Best Favorite Songs All Time" (Pardon my grammar... I was young!!! :P)
Side A

  • One & One - Robert M

  • We are the Champion - Queen

  • Only Reminds Me of You - St Paul

  • Over and Over Again - Robby Valentine

  • I Will Be Here For You - Michael W Smith

  • Return To Pooh Corner - Kenny Loggins

  • I'll Always Be Right There - Bryan Adams

  • For the First Time - Rod Stewart

  • For the First Time - Kenny Loggins

  • True Love - Fujii Fumiya

  • Isn't It a Wonder? - Boyzone

  • Ben - Wonder

Side B

  • Bizarre Love Triangle - Frente

  • Right Next to You - Whistle

  • Now That I Found You - Tommy Page

  • Truly - Kulcha

  • Tenterfield Saddler - Rick Price

  • Heal the World - Michael Jackson

  • Little Star - Stina Nordenstam

  • Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

  • Forever Love - Gary Barlow

  • Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You - George Benson

  • Is It Over - Bobby C

  • First Love - Nikka Costa

It's really funny - it reminds me of those time when life seems so simple... girl likes boy... girl treat boy nicely... boy teases girl all the time.. etc :) hahaha for me it was more time where i keep recording cassettes for people i guess :) it was lovely time... miss it sometimes... it's time where every little thing feels so massive.. when the world to me simply floats around the guy i like and my friends... if my friends don't talk to me then it's the end of the world.. :) good old memory :) i hope i'll never forget those times...


lil' cookie said...

warna template perasaan dolo pink dhe.. ganti ya?

piyo-chan said...

huahahaha ho oh.. bosen ma pink nya :)