Monday, November 05, 2007

Appreciation & Doing My Best

Cosmo's editor (Sarah Wilson) has decided to move on and leave behind this famous job that she's been doing for 3-years-and-a-half. I'm sure it's a pretty big decision for her. In her last issue to edit (December 07), she said that it feels like breaking up with a boyfriend to move somewhere else; which I think is a rather appropriate analogy. It has the aspect of "not wanting to go" and yet "having to let go and move on" with our lives.

Yet I can't help but wonder - Is she sure this is what she wants? If so, how certain is she? Has she done everything she could have done as the editor? Did she feel like she has done her best throughout the 3.5 years? Is she satisfied with her own effort? Is she going to regret this when things do not work out?

This brings me back to when I decided to move from my old workplace - which was kinda a surprise (even to me). I put in the request to be moved out before I was sure (cause deep down I know I'll never be sure). Even though I really adore the people that I was working with; I can't deny my growing-stagnant-mind.

I have to admit - the first couple months after that weren't good. I questioned my decision quite a lot. Knowing that I've done my best back there helps a lot. Knowing that I've put in my best effort to contribute as well as to grow from the experience. There is not much left that I can gain by going back there right now doing the same thing that I was doing.

So, with that in mind - I continue my struggle at the new place - and hey - the goodies have begin to appear.. I'm slowly starting to enjoy the new workplace. It has its own perks, you see :P

Anyway - back to what I'm trying to say; i.e. when I read about Sarah leaving Cosmo, I was reminded that most things in life are temporary. We (well - mainly me) should try to enjoy our life experiences while they lasts, appreciate its perks and take on our responsibilities properly. Especially when it involves other people. In most cases, we do not get EXACTLY SAME THING second time around to experience, appreciate or do.

In conclusion -
"Live life to the fullest!!!"

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