Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cupcakes Shots!!

So here I am, sitting in front of Shanon's big 30" pretty monitor - browsing cupcakes blogs...
Gosh - I couldn't stop browsing them! Each one prettier than the other...
When I got to this pic of vanilla cupcake with choc mousse frosting - I was practically drooling..
Mmm... makes me wonder - how many cupcakes photo sets are there in Flickr? So I search for cupcake - got this result set!
Check out these AMAZINGLY YUMMY cupcakes!!!
especially for my one n only li'l sis!
piggie cupcakes

especially for pipi
cookie monster cupcakes

cow cupcakes

candy pop land

the end of the garden

vintage tea set with cupcake

cupcakes go to hawaii

enchanted castle in the clouds

ballerinas and the bunnies

cuppies_mediaethics18 by lyyyl

shamsd's collections!

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Freddy Tan said...

Wah gile ... mo di makan pun ga rela HAHAHA