Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh Cupcakes!

Attribute to my latest fad...


The cutest yummy-looking food ever!!!

Psst.. I say yummy-looking because till now I haven't had many cupcakes and none of them has really made me go 'WOW!' yet... But, the appeal of its presentation has definitely got me going "WOWWWWW!!!" :P

Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit
This blog has an extensive range of cupcakes recipes and most importantly, the recipes come with pictures which exude their appeal... Cause when it comes to cupcakes; the phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is completely thrown out of the window. Not to forget, this blog also has some baking tips.. :) Works well for me!

Cupcakes Take The Cake
Well - this particular blog - fits me oh so well! It features snapshots of cupcakes from everywhere. And I'll have you know, they are all EXTREMELY pretty!!!

Cupcake Recipe
A pretty blog filled with cupcakes photos and the occasional cupcakes recipes.. Love the look of this blog and the pics are very tasteful too...

CupCake Creations
This blog provides you with a vast collection of recipes. It also has lots of tips and advice on how to bake a perfect cake. Very informative indeed! It also offers a selection of premade plastic toppers.

nz cupcake queen
Loads and loads of homemade cupcakes pic from a "nz cupcake queen" who is "sharing my cupcake obession with the world"...

How to Eat a Cupcake
I'm not sure if anyone really need to be taught to eat a cupcake; but this site is pretty well presented. It comes with recipes (complete with in-the-making pics to further support the instructions) and loads of weblinks to other cupcakes-blogs. The blogger is still actively posting with an average of one post per week plus voting bar on what to come!

All Things CupcakeJust as the name screams out, this is where to go to find out about all things cupcake! Accessories, Furnitures, Tried Recipes, even Tattoos!!! :))) Very pretty blog indeed.. Definitely worth checking out!

Cupcake Project
"The cupcake has come under siege in school systems across America and I believe this sweet treat can be saved one baker at a time. The mission of Cupcake Project is to build a base of cupcake fans by educating and informing the public about all things cupcake.
I bake mostly experimental cupcakes and I encourage you to take risks yourself and to try baking something new!"

(way more than) 52 Cupcakes
It's easy to tell why this blog was nominated for "Best Food Blog" in the blogger's choice awards! Cute pics. Big collections of full-of-life posts. Occasional recipes - which is explained by the Where are the @$#$*# recipes? post on Wednesday, July 06, 2005:
"But the idea for this blog...for me...is not really about the cupcake recipes.
From the beginning it has been about a personal challenge I set for myself of making 52 kinds of cupcakes--one cupcake a week for 52 weeks". It also has AWESOME cupcakes book recommendations.

Couture Cupcake
"Cupcakes with Pizzazz" Pretty Cupcakes Pics. Still actively posting. Loads of links. Occasional Recipes. Great combination.

Cupcake Frenzy
Another one of those no-longer-growing blog with pretty cupcakes pictures and well written recipes which last post was in November 2006. The contents are definitely worth checking out though!

Ooh you tasty little things
There's always the odd one out in a group of things. Here's the one on this list. It's not a full on cupcake blog - yet I included them here. It's "the" pretty food site, with the occasional appearance of cupcakes recipes and pics. The food pictures are so well taken. The white background of the blog really works magic in showing off the colour of the food pics. Everything look sooooo pretty!!!

Oh well - I'm sure if I keep going the list will go on and on and on and on... But, like everything else that's good :P - this post has to stop somewhere - otherwise, I'll never get a chance to pick a recipe that I want to try.. So I'll finish it up here with the promise of my own cupcake experiment result sometime soon (hopefully by the end of this year!) :P

In the mean time, if you have more time, check out BakeSpace.com. It's "a place for cookers and cakers" known for "Recipe Swap and Food Social Network".

Plus, here's some links to cake shop closer to home (Melbourne): Crabapple Cupcake || Cakes Around Town || Patterson's Cakes


Anonymous said...

love the post. you should include my cupcake blog that's on my profile! ha ha ha. oh cupcakes are so delicious. i just made a green tea cupcake with tapioca filling. amazing.

piyo-chan said...

:))) thanks tattoed mama! :)
LOVE your blog!!! it's so pretty... with cupcakes everywhere! have included them on this post! :) i could definitely learn a thing or two from ur cupcake baking experience!