Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tips for the Social Butterflies to be

"Eight Essential Tips to Overcoming Shyness and Making a Good Impression" by Cyan Ta'eed of Freelance Switch

I really like the article above and I think the tips are very applicable - especially with the "Ask More, Talk Less" and "Be Generous" tips.

I know for sure I don't need to justify my preference for the "Ask More, Talk Less" tip.

With the "Be Generous" tip, I am a strong believer in karma - what goes around comes around. Hence, it is very important to keep the generosity going around. Yep - I know that bad things happen to good people. But - that definitely does not qualify as a reason to stop doing good things.
I, for one, have lately starting to realise the negativity aura spread out by being judgmental. Along the way, I've also realised that in the long run, it's much easier and nicer to not judge whenever you can - even when it seems extremely tempting to judge.

Funnily - I was having an awkward situation at lunch today for not following the first tip. I went on a team lunch with a not so familiar group (except for one girl who's more familiar with the group). There was this blue shirt guy that I started talking to without introduction - just short sentences - but before I know it we're stuck in the phase where we've been talking for a while without really knowing each other's names and it increasingly became more difficult to intro ourselves. I end up quietly asked the girl who he is and slipped it in the conversation. *Fiuh*

The other thing that has been popping up on me lately is tip #6, "Remember a Detail"
It should be simple - but my bad memory doesn't help. It's not an excuse though - I'm working on that. :)

Finally, even though "Everyone is just as shy as you are" might not be 100% true - it doesn't hurt to think that, especially if it helps you get the ball rolling.

Just keep in mind - afterall - we are all humans with our own insecurities.

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Freddy Tan said...

It's happen to me too .. I never memorize ppl's name. Hahaha coz I always think that i will seldom see him so there's no point of remembering his/her name. HAHHAHA