Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Latest Craving: Bubur Sum Sum

Image from Herti Kitchen Gallery > Bubur Sumsum (here).

Recipe available in HomeMadeS' "Sugar High Friday-Craving Something Traditional..." post mixed with "Comfort Food: Bubur Candil".

Perhaps you prefer the's version here (in English).

Note (8th December):
Tried the above recipes from HomeMadeS blog. I made the combination of Bubur Sumsum + Sauce + Candil (without Pudding) + Coconut Sauce.
The Candil dough was a little tricky to roll (need to add a splash of water every now and then) but it turns out yummy. I boiled them with a little bit of palm sugar (~50g) and Pandan Leave. The Bubur Sumsum sauce turns out great too.
But, the Bubur Sumsum itself was a little funny. It was lumpy even though I have made sure they were smooth before I start cooking them. The heat starts lumping the mixture from the bottom of the saucepan. Before I know it - it was all cooked through lumpi-ly!!! :P
I will try the tips from Recipezaar (pouring the half coconut milk + rice flour mixture into the already boiling other half mixture of half coconut milk and salt) next time.

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