Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Most Recent Google Search Result

It's the "Favorite Wedding Band Engravings" page.

My personal favorite?
"Put me back on!" OR "Put it back on!"

Tee hee hee..


Mona said...

interesting site!

I find this below very interesting
1st band: Waters cannot quench love
2nd band: Rivers cannot wash away love

piyo-chan said...

hihihi yeah i thought it was interesting too :)
have to admit - didn't notice those one until you point it out. nice find! :)

Mona said...

hahaha.. that night I was reading it with my hubby. it inspired us to create ours. now, it's just the matter of tweaking the right word to it.. :p

btw, are you taking any pre-wedding pictures?

piyo-chan said...

hahahaha so cute :))) so you guys found the right phrase already? :)
no not really - we'll just do the photo session on the day :) hihihi