Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dainty Sichuan Food

One of Melbourne's unique food offering is Dainty Sichuan restaurant.

It's tucked away in an alleyway a little bit off the China Town area... 26 Corrs Lane, Melbourne. I normally enter from the dodgy-looking-alleyway off Lonsdale St, right next to the Dragon Boat Palace Restaurant (see below picture - near corner of Russell and Lonsdale).

I went there with my friend, Lia, on a Sunday afternoon to satisfy our craving of insanely spicy food a few weeks ago, not knowing that they are open on 2:30 in the afternoon on weekends. Luckily, we like our Sunday sleep ins and planned to have it as our late afternoon meal so it works out great for us. Here's a picture of Lia when it was JUST opened on that Sunday.

The restaurant became packed within the next 20 minutes or so. Crazy.

And here's a picture of my favorite dish...

Cold sesame noodle! Yum!!! :) It definitely gets my tongue moving! :P

Check out their review at The Age Epicure.

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