Thursday, November 06, 2008

Not Just Any Sentence

"Often, it's the people closest to us who see the worst of us."
I read this sentence in "5 Reasons to Leave a Crappy Job" article by Steve Errey, from The Confidence Guy and think...
"What a well constructed sentence which delivers the message in such small number of words!"

There has been a few instances where I felt that way but when I try to put them in words, it becomes complicated to make sure I don't send the wrong message. :P I'm so happy to have found that sentence! (please don't think I'm a total freak or if you do, please keep it to yourself...)


Steve Errey said...

Glad you liked the sentence! It's so true and often people don't recognise how they're being with the people closest to them.

Just being aware that you're snapping at a loved one, not listening to your partner or getting angry with a friend can be enough to take a step back and do things differently.

Thanks for the link love.

piyo-chan said...

Wow - It's an honour to get a comment from the writer! Thanks Steve! =))

Exactly. Plus I'm sure the hurt does multiply when you receive that kind of treatment from someone who's closest and matters to them.

piyo-chan said...

Glad to have found the post, Steve! :)