Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Minimalism & Decluttering

In the beginning of this year, I came across the following posts...
- "A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home" by Zen Habits;
- Editing Your Life by Stepcase Lifehack;
- Discardia.

I found the concept of decluttering and minimalism very intriguing.

I'm quite organised (or so I'd like to think); but my habit of hanging on to things is a big downfall in terms of clutter. Plus, once you live in a home for a few years, you just accumulate stuffs (hidden all around the house). However, I've been consciously acting on this though. Throughout this year, I've donated 3-4 times big batches of stuffs from home and I've tried to limit the buying of new stuffs. Still, one giant proper cleaning and sorting session is definitely long overdue.

Now - I'm moving out in a couple of weeks, to Shanon's place, to start our new life as "husband and wife" *giggles*. So I'm thinking - THIS is IT! This is the opportunity that I've been waiting for. I've always enjoy moving and organizing a new place, cause I get to see ALL the things that I have and placed them as I see fit NOW, instead of how I see them a few years ago. This is a bit tricky though, cause I'm not moving to an empty space. I'll have to work around that by first making room and perhaps organize some new storage options at Shanon's place.

Gosh - less than two weeks now!

I really want to use this opportunity to DOWN SIZE my belongings. I testify that I have experienced first hand the AWESOME feeling of having LESS stuffs. I love my wardrobe more and more at the end of my de-cluttering sessions. Plus, the benefits of dressing better because of it - people do comment - is great too! I have to say that it is much easier to pick the right clothing to wear when you love ALMOST-everything in your wardrobe.

Ideally, I'd like to ONLY keep the stuffs that I use or need or REALLY want. Everything else get donated, gifted or bin. How much can I hold on to my words? We'll see.

So far, I've cleaned out my wardrobe and I've learned a few things throughout my 3-4 cleanup sessions this year:
1. I like the structured version for small/medium bag; leave the unstructured ones for massive bag.
2. I very much DON'T like Rubber Waisted Skirt!!! Seriously. 99% of the time, they are very non-complimenting. Hmm.. I wonder why I bought them in the first place.
3. In general, I also don't like High Waisted Pants or even Medium High ones (the ones that reaches my belly button). They are very difficult to wear with anything. Rarely looks nice (well - on me anyway).
4. I have to be careful with my colour choice when shopping for clothing. Make sure I have at least something to wear with this new piece. Otherwise, it ends up just sitting there staring at me until the time of donation.
5. Stop buying MULTIPLE of the same things (especially when it looks rather unique). It just makes it less special! Actually, also on buying MULTIPLE things, I have to STOP buying TOO MUCH things that serves the SAME purpose (e.g. I really don't need 5 different scissors in every room - but I do).
6. As much as I'd like to be a girlie girl, I really don't need to stock 20 different necklaces, 20 different bracelets, 20 different earrings, etc etc.
7. Software CD or boot up diskette for Windows 98 are Waaaaaayyyyy OUT OF DATE! Bin please!

Anyway - I'll report more on my progress later.


Louisa said...

lol that was really funny post, I could just picture you chucking your entire room in the bin... and then sneaking to the garbage tip at midnight to drag it all back in...


shelvia! don't worry, I have same problem... thanks to charles my belongings have been reduced to like 20% lol... so ye, find that gene in you and you should be okay ;) haha...

I have a book called 'design your self'... I think I posted something on it on my blog... but ye there was something that really helped me... something called "ADDITION = SUBTRACTION" ... so shelvia, when you next buy a new hat, you must go home and donate one of your old hats! ... To reduce clutter :P ... and, it can also be a cheeky way of PREVENTING you from buying it cos you don't wanna donate the lovely old hat you have at home T_T;;; ...

But ye, THANK YOU, you've brightened up my post-"one litre of tears" watching session :P hehe

Louisa said...

hmm i just realized your not a 'hat person' ... replace that scenario with a BAG instead >:D ...

piyo-chan said...

huahahaha i think that gene isn't in me.. or maybe it's hidden somewhere :P haha but i've been trying hard and i think it's working. i've thrown out quite a bit of my books and scraps.. haha only have a little bit more to go through.. :) hopefully can get it done by next wednesday!

haha i've heard bout that method before.. i don't like getting rid of my bags though.. i love them!! problem is i also love buying new ones... :P hahaha but i'm trying. speaking of which.. i've got one that maybe you'd like? :) hahaha

but - i'm getting better! :) hahaha or so i think.. only bought 2 bags so far this year! :)

Nicolas said...


What you need to apply is the one in - one our principle. This will help you keeping the clutter out.

May be you find something useful on my Time Management master blog. It is a collection of about 200 time saving tips to gain an extra hour every day. Tips can be applied a home :) , at work or on the road.

Every person is different and so are the tips. I hope that you find something useful for you too. (How putting photos on shoeboxes?)


piyo-chan said...

Thanks so much Nicolas. Very cool blog you have there! :)