Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog Template Update Dilemma

Yup... I am once again in the search for the right blogger template...

I really like my current template. How can I not? It's SOOOOOO pretty!
But ... (of course there is a but - why else would I be looking for a new template?) :P
I would also really like to have the posts count visible for each Archive period; see highlighted below in red box.The above screen shot is off "Fleur" template offered by BlogCrowds.

Along with that, I would also love to have category / label clouds, as per featured below.
The above screen shot is off "BlogU"- which discuss topics on how to personalized your blog. Sample articles below:
The author, Annie also has another very pretty blog called ButterMilkClouds

Anyway - the Classic Blogger Template do not have template tag for post-count (as far as I know).. Pssst... I'm very happy to be proven wrong for this! It also does not directly support Category Clouds - though I could possibly do it through - it won't be as fun!

Sigh... dilemma dilemma dilemma.

One thing I know for sure, pipi will be happy if I decided to change my template! :P

I've got couple options in mind... but none as suited to me as this one yet!

Also, this post claims to have 3000 over blogger templates - might be worth checking out. Plus Blogger Templates and BlogFlux also looks interesting..



'Lil Cookie said...

eh bagus tuh yang fleur, kok loe bisa ya dapet template yang bagus2 gitu!! kenapa kalo gw cari gak dapet..
eh gw gak mind kok template kita sama hahahahahahahah!!!!

Freddy Tan said...

I like fleur.. Cool Hehehe but I prefer cheerful template.. bright and colorful template.. :P

Here's one of my template that I plan to use last time. but, I decided to use my sophisticated template :p

Weapon of mass destruction

Haha pipi ga enak hati nih ceritanya wakaka

piyo-chan said...

ahahhaha iyaaaaaaa fred... i also prefer bright and colourful one... like mineeeee ahahahha :P tapi dia ga mau kasi gua post-count... e ek! :P
How about decayed here????
si weapon ... itu jg cute..... :))) aduhh dilemma.. can't decideee

Freddy Tan said...

Lol.. maksud nya post count? post judul2 nya gitu? kaya blog archieve? :p

hm.. yg decayed keren sih.. but I guess it's too ghotic for you HEhehe don't u think so?