Sunday, October 21, 2007

Over Sensitivity

Inspired by the article "Let troubles bounce off you: Why you shouldn't assume every frown is your fault" by Gayle Forman.
-- Taken from Self Magazine June 2007 edition page 143.

"But assuming you're responsible for everyone's bad day is narcissistic, not to mention a big burden."
Ask me if you want to know more about the burden part of it.

According to the article (plus some Baker's quotes from the recommended reading below); the following tips will help:
  • If you think telling yourself that you're the cause of all the bad things that are happening around the world (wars; earthquakes; etc) - realise that believing that everyone's mood is linked to something you did is just as absurd.

  • When you see a friend with a glum face, offer to help instead of taking it personally. Even if your offer is rejected; you'll feel better to have offered.

  • Quite possibly; our tendency of 'taking things personally' are due to our guilt - of not being the best friend or partner. "Before bed, ask, Have I done a good job of being a human today?" "If so, stop beating yourself up."

To see if you are over-sensitive; check out this quiz; Are you oversensitive? by NinjaPirate.

If you want to read more on this topic; check out "Over Sensitivity" article from 2KnowMySelf...

More tips on "stop taking things personally":

Recommended reading:
"What Happy Women Know: How New Findings in Positive Psychology Can Change Women's Lives for the Better" by Dan Baker (Author), Cathy Greenberg (Author), Ina Yalof (Author).

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