Thursday, October 11, 2007

"How Much Is Enough? The Nature Of Fulfillment"

This post is inspired by the "Your Money Or Your Life: How Much Is Enough? The Nature Of Fulfillment" post from The Simple Dollar.

As per stated in the above post, the questions below are taken from the "How Much Is Enough? The Nature Of Fulfillment" chapter of the "Your Money or Your Life" book (refer pg 113 - 128 in paperback version of the book).

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
A: Profession wise; I remember it constantly changes.
As a kid - I have gone through phases wanting to be a teacher (so that I get to give out homeworks and punishments :P); an architect; a pilot; a business-woman in suits that has her own office in a sky-craper.
When I was introduced to computer; programming attracts me big time (my Mathematical skill helps). So, I went through high school year wanting to be a nerdy programmer that works day and night; wears t-shirt and jeans; eat junk food and drink Coke Zero all the time.
Now that I'm working as a "Software Consultant" in a tall bank building (private office not included) - I want to be an interior designer; or an event organizer; or a magazine-writer; or maybe I secretly still want to ben intelligent casual programmer.
Personally though; I've always wanted to be an always-well-groomed and pretty-looking lady with easy-going personality that successfully charmed people each and every time with her loveliness. (Yes, go and laugh out loud - just make sure I'm not around! :P)

Q: What have you always wanted to do that you haven’t yet done?
A: I would love to try living in another city (New York preferably) and start building my own life from scratch - doing the things that I want to do and avoid the things that I should do but do not enjoy doing as much as possible.
I would also love to travel around the world with a great companion.

Q: What have you done in your life that you’re really proud of?
A: Not sure - I guess it could be my thesis (which content I don't remember anymore); or maybe of my work life (which I'm a little bored of atm).
Geez - I really don't know what I'm really proud of at this stage - will come back to this question some other time when I have something more to be proud of.
Mmm... I'm rather proud of myself. Of my decisions (lately). Of the things that I do (to a certain point). Actually... I know! I am VERY proud of the people around me. They're everything that I have. My family; my 'companion' and my close friends. I'm VERY.. VERY proud of them. They're the best of the best!

Q: If you knew you were going to die within a year, how would you spend that year?
A: I would spend as much time as I could with my family, beau and close friends - travelling around the world; see and try as much things as I can.
Mmmm.. and maybe get 'hitch'-ed? :P

Q: What brings you the most fulfillment - and how is that related to money?
A: Programming used to bring me MOST fulfillment. The joy of completing a piece of program. The proud feeling I get by looking at my pretty and neat code that knows how to do 'one thing' very well. The "IHHHHHH - GEMES!" (pardon the Indo) feeling that I get when debugging a problem in my program - that follows with the sense of accomplishment when the problem is solved. Technically, this should be the one thing that's earning me money - and it is; but it's not like what I imagined it to be. (+ $$$)
Travelling (with the right people) also gives me a big fulfillment. It costs money - sometimes big pile of it. (- $$$)
Lastly, looking at my balanced accounts through Microsoft Money in my well-organized laptop (even more so when I have $$$ in my Savings account). Mmm.. It is about money and being organized... :P (? $$$)
Learning something new - always gives me big fulfillment. Most of the time; it costs money. (- $$$)

Q: If you didn’t have to work for a living, what would you do with your time?
A: Travel; Spend Time with My Family/Beau/Close-friends; Take Pictures; Read; Browsing House Magazines; Try New Things and Blog about Them.

Q: How do you answer these questions?
A: I'm not very sure what is the answer to this question. But I'll try - I guess I answered the above questions as honest as I can. I like the questions. They're very interesting and they dig out a few things that I have forgotten.

P.S.: Thanks for the correction on 'hitch'-ed, darling!

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