Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Right Words at The Right Time

Timing is everything in life.
Saying the right thing at the wrong time ruins the whole effect.
The bad thing happening at the right time can kill something really good.
That's why it's important to manage the timing well...


Today - as I was waiting for my take away food in the Krakatoa Restaurant (South Yarra) - I read a short writing that felt ever so empowering... It began with the sentence, "So you think you're not pretty..." and continues on with the following extract from a Woman's Day article from the 11st August 1958's edition,
"When you look into your mirror, grieve over the flaws you have and murmur, 'How I wish I were pretty', you're being unfair to yourself. A mirror can't show you all your lovely looking moments - the glow in your eyes when you're happy, the tenderness around your mouth when you're compassionate, the eagerness in your smile when you're excited.
In a mirror, you never see yourself as others see you. The mirror, in your hands, becomes a weapon against yourself. You peer into it self-consciously and, in the mask-life face staring back at you, every fault stands out, blotting out your best features. What a pity you can't see yourself when you're thinking of how you feel instead of how you look.
When you look at yourself in a mirror, you don't look with the generosity and eagerness to admire like we do with others. You search for flaws and when you find one - as everyone can - you magnify it far beyond its real importance. Go to your mirror and try again, giving yourself the same break you give everyone else. Take a good, objective look at the complete picture, concentrating on your pretty features."

I know that the above extract speak for itself and I don't need to say anymore.. but, I do want to thank Amy Sinclair, the editor of Woman's Day for finding the above article in the Woman's Day old archive and including them in her editor words in the 14th April 2008 edition.
As she said at the end of the extract,
"These days so many of us are so hung up on how to look better or younger - we rarely stop and look at ourselves without a critical eye. It's high time we gave ourselves a break".

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