Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My dream home...

Inspired by Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2008 and How my house would look like…. I wish. « Kwento ng buhay, Kuru-kuro @ Iba pa.

The Cosy Window Seat (with translucent light cream curtains)
Where I would have my lazy lie down with a good book and a cup of skinny-but-creamy-hot-chocolate, accompanied by Boris, Mino and Divina... Preferably in my bedroom... Something like this (with better coloring... :P)
Taken from Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Odd Space Solution: Stephanie's DIY Bay Windows.

Mmmm actually, something like this is more like it!
Taken from Danielle Trippett - Interior Design

With this kind of curtains...
Taken from Danielle Trippett - Interior Design.

Who'll wear the pretty dress/skirt/wrap that I was given a while ago and love but - can't quite decide how and when to wear...
*can't find a picture yet!* In the mean time ,(Mmmm.. I've said this phrase a lot of times, but it feels like this is the first time I typed it cause I didn't quite know which "mean" word is used to the point that I have to Google it to make sure I'm using the right word :P, check out Lori Trager's bedroom (from Kyle XY) for the mannequin sample!
Maybe.. something like this :)
Taken from StyleHive.

King Size Bed Prettily Made Up with Extremely Fluffy Quilt plus Annoyingly-Lots-of-Pretty-Pillows
Where I'll lie around on a lazy Sunday winter morning, snuggling under the fluffy quilt, just daydreaming, not doing anything, nothing at all... :P
Taken from Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #23: Stephanie's Life of Pie.

Spacious Walk in Robe
Where all my pretty clothes (after I throw away all my ugly ones :P) will be visible, within reach, and don't get wrinkly cause they're crushed against each other... Preferably, the one that has proper door, so that my clothes don't collect dust :P
Taken from asselle UK site.

An Inviting Bath Tub
Where I would relax after a long week at work or I could even wallow... :P
Taken from Studio Bagno - Celine Bath Tub.

Rain Shower plus 2 Sink/Mirror Sets
Mmm... who can resist a shower like this?
Taken from The Luxury Rain Shower :: Zucchetti Rubinetteria | Vagablond.
Taken from Howstuffworks "Selecting Bathroom Fixtures".

and a towel radiator, please...
Taken from Trade Plumbing UK.

Ideal Living Room
Where I'd watch re-runs of Veronica Mars, or more of Kyle XY, or Grey's Anatomy... I could also sing along to my SingStar PS2 game or jump up and down like crazy playing Wii - Sport Tennis game.
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | International #1: Aad's Compact Dwelling (Suitable for Laziness).

Or maybe something like this would do too.. (the rug definitely works for me!)
Taken from Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #20: Debbie's Beach Chic.

and wouldn't mind this kind of TV...
Taken from Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #20: Rob's Loft

Plush Couch (also with lots of cute and fluffy pillows)
This living room looks soooo pretty and stylish!!! Plus the couch is inviting! I might put a little bit of soft colour-ed pillows in though plus some baby blue throw (to warm me up when I'm watching stuffs).. :P
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | International #10: Marcus & Mel's Charming Flat.

Book Shelves
Which will hold all my house and interior magazines, my cute coloured books, my photo frames... and the cute pastel marshmallow sandwich that Shanon brought back from France. Something like this would be nice...
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | East #26: Ed+Ev's Studio of Great Ideas.

Two Storeys
For some reasons that I can't quite pinned down, I can't resist two storeys. Maybe, it's the idea of having privacy of the bedrooms upstairs, separate to other things.
This picture shows a very intriguing two storey setting.
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | International #8: Nicolas' Mini Loft.

Or maybe, I just like stairs...
Taken from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | International #7: Danielle & Lakshans Urban Cottage.

Where I could blog away my crazy random thoughts...
Taken from Apple - iMac site.

Study / Workspace
Where the iMac would sit and I would surf the net, or do my finances, or just typing away emails to my best friends...
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | Room & Board Presents: A Workspace that Actually Works.

Kitchen & Dining
Where I can attempt to bake, cook and clean. Mmmm.. I want one that is spacious yet not cold (have a live in feel to it) with classy fridge, oven, dishwasher, big wide sink and massive pantry that will hide my small appliances. :P
This one is quite comfortable and pretty I think, though might be a little too colourful for me.
Taken from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #28: Kim's Treetop Nest.

Or maybe this one here...
Taken from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA House Tour: Glen's Living Large In a Small Space.

Though again - I prefer a less orangey coloured kitchen... Mmm I like this colour...
Taken from What Kind of Kitchen Are You? « KitchAnn Style.

Here's a very very very nice one! Absolutely love it!
Taken from Danielle Trippett - Interior Design.

* Light Plush Carpets in the Bedrooms and Study.
* Floorboard and Thick Soft Rugs for Living Room and Hallway.
* Tiles or granites for Bathroom and Kitchen.

Well - this is something that I'm not so certain yet...
I like soft and light beige and white colour combination. But I also like white and light blue. Also, like white and dark brown. Or, all white... Might leave this one to the other person in the house seeing that I'm a little lack of colour coordination :P
I think this studio has a very nice colour splash. Love it!
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | East #20: Uma's Minimal Chic Studio.

Or, this pretty page might help me decide... Domino Paint Palette

Updated on the 28th April 2008:
Double Storey High Ceilings Gap
Another plus point from Two Storeys place is that I can have a room with double storey high ceilings.. I find them very very attractive and classy.
Taken from Interior at 154 Montevista, Dollard-des-Ormeaux.
Something like the above setting is nice - but this house is a bit too big for my liking.. :)
End of Update

Updated on the 29th April 2008:
I can't believe I forgot this part! Seriously! :) I would love to have a balcony please.. Just a small one where I can lie around and look at the sky after a long day at work or even better, with sunset view.. :) Please!!! Mmmm...
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | Balconies & Terraces The New York Times 4.27.08.
This one is probably too crowded for my liking, but the view is great..
End of Update

Mmmmm... When can I move in? *Dreamy Look*

PS: Domino has very pretty Dining and Living Room images gallery..

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