Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Leo's Random Thoughts

Recently in ZenHabits (my favorite blog), Leo put together his random thoughts into an inspiring post, "Notes on Life: Mantras, Small Things, Lists, and Such". I admire this guy's writing. It made up a very simplistic, enjoyable read.
In that post, Leo talked about how he put mantras in good use. Funnily, I was thinking earlier today (before I read that post), how it would be so useful to have a constant reminder when I'm trying to achieve something. Just the way mantra would work. So, now the question is - what would I like to work on most? What would I like to achieve?
I think this question is getting a little old for me. It keep repeating itself to me - when I'm inspired - only to be forgotten when the inspiration is gone. It's time for me to make up my mind. To do what?
Well - I've lived a very very happy life the past few weeks. I'm enjoying my days. Doing things that I want to do. Fixed my to-do list (with help from Shanon). Been doing really well with controlling my spending. Have much more free time now that my siblings are helping lots with house chores and errands, especially my super lovely little sister Shelwin (who reads this blog, hence the bold-ed words ;P).
The one thing that I really want to work on ... ever since I was 15 years old I think ... is to "feel good about myself in every way". :) It seems like a very ambitious goal at the moment, but hopefully with the help of mantra I'll get there.
Have a read at Leo's take on small things.
I totally agree with him. Tiny little things are the ones that makes human life beautiful.
And Leo, keep up the lists posts! It's one of the things that make your posts extremely relate-able (at least to me)!

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