Friday, April 11, 2008

My Life Lesson of the Year

Find the thing that matters most to you.
Focus on that.
Take everything else out of picture.

No one can have everything.
No one life is perfect.
But ...
The thing that matters most to you makes life wonderful.

Detect jealousy. Hide from it!
Scan for greed. Run away from it!
Smell your desire. Control it!
Scrutinise your pride. Question its worthiness!

Most importantly ...
"Don't ever let the distractions stupidly led you to sacrifice the thing that matters most."

Side note: The best thing that I've been doing (advised by a few blogs, enforced by that amazing guy) in the past year - is detaching from my clutters. Giving away things that I do not want/need/care about. It gives me so much time, space and money to put into the things that I want/need/care about.

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