Thursday, August 17, 2006

GHD, Beating the Tax Man and General Knowledge

Now.. I'm feeling so much better. =)
I'm having a GHD (good hair day) =P. It's cool.
Nothing major happens. Only that I've tried some clothes on and they look pretty ON.
It's funny isn't it. How clothes fit on me determines how I feel.
I might be shallow. But, it might also be because I'm a girl.
This is why I continues on going to the gym.
It almost makes me feel like actually seriously going on a diet.
Because the feeling that you get when you try clothes on and they look pretty ON are just WORTH it.
Don't you agree girls? :P

I'm still in the look for a work around. Maybe I don't have to go on diet. Maybe there's a small secret that I'm yet to find as to how to get my hip bones to show when I'm wearing hipster and to get my belly in the state where it's worth for me to get belly piercing.

Anyway, aside from my good hair day, I have one thing in mind. I need to submit my tax return. I need to get money back from the tax man. Geez. I work so hard for it and there they are just grabbing it from me so easily!!! *Sigh*
The thing is I can't bring my self to submit it. Just because I'm still in the look for the tips and trick to get MORE back. The prob is all the articles that I read in the magz (Money, BRW, Fin Review, etc etc) are just telling me what ATO has in its site. It just crosses my mind today, well, they can't really tell me tips and trick to help me get BIG FAT tax return, can they? They can only tell me how to do it right. *Sigh*
Looks like I'm gonna have to resort to the old and loyal Google.. Hope I'll find a site that tells me the list of possible deduction. I don't wanna miss out on anything - anything at all. I need BIG FAT return. I need a holiday.

On a totally different topic. Triggered by the fiction that I've been reading from Adele Parks - Larger Than Life, lately I've been trying to improve my level of general knowledge. The main character in the fiction is a very successful career woman with in-depth knowledge about all sorts of topics, which in turns makes her an interesting person to talk to. She's kinda the person I used to think I'd like to be. Lately I feel it's a bit too much to ask from a human being. I mean, one day only has 24 hours. How are we meant to fit in exercise, reading, work, fun, sleep, laundry, cooking and heaps more? How do all those women do it all? Seriously. I'd like to know the trick.
Maybe I need to learn to do something to the max when I'm doing it. Not just half-heartedly.
So, back to improving my level of general knowledge. On my colleague is reading Schrodinger's Kitten, he describes in such a way that it sounds interesting to read. I'd love to read those kind of books - books that actually teach me something. Things like basic human anatomy, how earth was formed, who plays in what movie, what's going on with the politician, what country is on war, what classic movies are worth watching, what did Leonardo DaVince invented, how to cook like a chef, how to dress like a fashionable lady, what to do if you drop red wine on your carpet, the list go on and on and on and on.
It would be so cool if I can know all those things and talk about it.. The problem is, whenever I go to Borders, I can't take my eyes of the fictions book covers which are always cute and pretty with sweet title. Duh!


zsugiart said...

have u done urs?

I've yet to do my tax return as well (argh...). I am thinking of using e-tax, ppl say u get the return faster if u use e-tax. Not sure about what I can claim tho. I guess the trick is to closely read thru the info on ATO and then do it. Or get an accountant and he'll do it for you. But therein lies the question: how good is this accountant!? if you could do it yourself, why not, right?

I think I;, giving the ATO info reading a shot this weekend, see how it goes hee hee hee. If it's pretty bad, I'll just hire a bloody accountant.

li'l cookie said...

so, how's the diet program doing so far? I'm still on it and expecting a slow but sure progress hahaha.. right on!
I don't understand those tax stuff ur talking, maybe you could explain it later when we meet bahahaha!