Tuesday, August 15, 2006

post number one hundred and one

Lately, I've been feeling like sh*t. =(
I don't even know why. And, I'm not usually like that.
Normally, I am a very easy-going and as many have said 'happy-go-lucky' person..
Not sure what changed.

Could be the fact that I never seem to have enough time to do all the necessities and chores, let alone the things that I actually want to do.
Could be the fact that I never seem to be able to focus on doing one thing and not having other things popping up in my head.
Could be the fact that I haven't been crossing tasks off my to do lists.
Could also be the fact that I keep adding tasks into it.
Could be the fact that I never seem to actually achieve my goals.

Could be anything really.
Most likely, it's a mix of all these.

Oh well, good news is.. today I'm going to stop feeling like sh*t.
As I have firmly believe in the past and I still do believe now, happiness/contentment is a choice.

I am going to slow down and try to clear my head.
Think through what is it I really want and focus on realizing it.
What do I want to focus on in the next, say 5 years of my life?
Is it family?
Is it love?
Is it friendship?
Is it career?
Is it financial stability?
Is it knowledge?
Is it living my life to the fullest?

The thing is, it's not as simple as it used to be.
Back when I was a teenager, I firmly believe, the most important thing to me is friendship.
Nowadays, you have to be able to focus and do well in all aspects.
At times (like right now), it's just too much.

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li'l cookie said...

HUe... emang betul, and I guess that's the real part of growing up.. tapi lo tau lah gw kan orangnya jalanin aja terus bahaha, sometimes I wonder juga si, if what I'm doing right now would be useful for my future, then again no point of wondering around without focusing on what we can achieve now ya ga se?