Wednesday, August 09, 2006

my 'bewdy' day

according to the book i'm reading "husbands (is one ever enough?)" by adele parks, 'bewdy' is another word for wonderful.. by the way, about this book i'm reading.. i kinda like the story but i try to hide the book cover whenever i can. why? see below and you would understand why.

i have nothing against the cover. in fact i really like it but it's a bit too visually inappropriate. is it just in my head? anyway - it certainly doesn't show 'class'. especially in the work place. come to think about it, most of the books that i read don't help me create the impression i'd like to make at work.
oh well, about my 'bewdy' day.. i had such a good day =) at work, i found the solution to two of my problems in a day... =) it's so great when you get something done. i feel like i could jump out of joy =D hehe...
went to the gym after work - did body pump - it is my one favorite class to go to in the gym. nothing compares to it. it's so my type. i don't even know why i like weight lifting so much :P well i don't like weight lifting. but i like doing body pump. great music. great instructor. great rewarding feeling after the class. simply great.
next, drove to the city - had dinner with my lovely partner n my also-lovely sister n had max brenner's brownies - yummm.. now i have tummy ache. too full and might also be caused by the chilli noodle that i had in dainty. this dainty sichuan restaurant is so addictive, despite the fact that it kills my tummy everytime i go there. i've never tasted anything as spicy as the noodle that they have and i'm addicted to the numbness that the noodle soup creates on my lips.. followed by the sweet sticky chocolate brownies with walnuts from max brenner. PERFECTO.
just found this great site redzero. it's an online magazine.. very cute and innovative - but requires good internet speed.
well, not it has come the time for me to wrap up my post.

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