Saturday, August 26, 2006

what is the purpose of ...

There are times where I feel that I'm doing things with no purpose.
Like this blog - what is it for, really?
I can say it's a reflection of my thoughts.
The problem is my thoughts tend to be a big scattered mess. It's not very well incorporated.
Hence I don't really see it fulfilling any particular purpose.
The one purpose I can think of me blogging is that my head is less crammed with these thoughts. As soon as I pour it in the form of a post, I let it go from my head ..

I do wish I could have a blog which can be useful for others too though. Not only to myself. Like this blog I found when I'm looking for Fish Leung's lyrics. The blog is titled "Stranded in the middle of nowhere". He's got a big collection of songs lyrics that is very useful for people like me, who is unable to read Chinese characters but find comfort in listening (and at times, sing along) to Chinese songs.

Anyway, back to my big scattered messy thoughts. I can never make up my mind about something.
Throughout the past couple months, I am so caught up with Interior Design course.
Couple days ago, after checking out Tara Whitney's photoblog, I'm suddenly interested in taking a Photography course.
On the top of all that, I'm also very attracted to technology stuffs. I find learning about programming - ways to do things, or new technology, or the logic of working things out highly rewarding. I find this attraction fluctuated a bit though eversince I started working. Some times it's up and at other times I just can't be bothered.
So, see what I mean? I can't be focused enough in one thing. In addition to those interests, I'm also interested in improving my Chinese communication skill which has somehow gone straight to the bin lately. Then, there is this desire of being able to cook fancy food, actually play piano.
Hell. How can I ever be a master at something if my list of interests grow every week??? Geez.

Guess what, I found books for people like me. It's titled "The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One" by Margaret Lobenstine. I found this book while looking for a book by Barbara Sher titled I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was. Interesting, huh?
I should really check it out...

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... this time, blogging hasn't really helped. I have so many things in my mind that I reckon if I could cash it in the bank, I would be richer than Bill Gates... @!#!$!@%@!#!%!@#@! Oh well, I better get around to do the things I'm suppose to do and not blabbering..

C ya!


li'l cookie said...

miahahaha.. this template lebi represent lu shel.. buwahah! anyways ya gw juga tiap hari gitu kok, finding myself in the middle of pyschology and parapsychology gw jadi bingung, and sometimes gw pengen do art stuff juga tapi gw ga talented. And a bunch of other stuff yang ga penting tapi gw pengen tau, like tarots and make up. Gw gila dandan sekarang! udah kaya bencong, ga bisa kemana2 kalo ga make up, ga puas kalo gw blon eye shadowan, shimmeran, eyelineran, maskaraan, shadingan. Haiya, trus I just found out kalo make-up in orang tuh enak bahwuah, walaupun gw baru bisa 1 tipe makeup dengan eyeshadow gelap n shimmer. Last Sat gw dandanin vikom n semua memujinya, and waktu gw try ke orang laen ternyata gw BASI, karena semua sama mukanya HHAHA.. I will definitely experiment about this.. Wah, kepanjangan commentnya, uda kaya blog gw sendiri.. MAAP

piyo-chan said...

heauiheiaheaiu well.. u're trying =) hehe we all tend to do it ya? as soon as kita do something n people comment well on that, we tend to do the same thing again :P that's why they say praise works better than criticsm...