Sunday, August 06, 2006

online shopping deals

on Friday afternoon, one of my colleague @ work came over and told me about this deal she got from strawberrynet. she purchased Davidoff's Echo Woman Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.4oz for less than AUD $40.00 (she's been a member of that site for a while and she has made a numerous purchases so she get more discounts on the already cheap price)!!! shocking. i paid a little more than $100.00 for it a year and a half ago...
on the same day, i was browsing the net trying to look for deals on "pure inventions", green-tea drop that is meant to be good for you - low calorie snack, naturally sweet, etc etc (i dun even know why i find that interesting). found out bout it from one article from the iVillage site (i subscribed to its RSS feed). found out that it's not available in australia yet, so the only way to get it is through the net. so, today i went back to my search for cheapest price i can get on the item and i found this site skin-store. it looks legit and seem to be offering quite good deal. especially when i search further for it's coupon and found this 10% off coupon code scattered on myjaco. the thing is that hasn't quite convince me. what if i purchased it and then 2 days later i found 20% off coupon code.
the net has certainly make things so much easier. seriously. so much options out there that at times i find it very difficult to make a decision. mmm how do i know when i've found a bargain n should stop searching?
now, i need to know where do i get bargains on flight tickets? i need 3 return tickets of melbourne - jakarta. the quotes i got from the travel agent which i normally go to are far from impressive. AUD $1560.00 for high season ticket and around AUD $1250.00 for low season (which ends on 6th Dec for Singapore Airlines) - tax EXclusive. Geez... it's way too much for a trip back to indo. especially if u're buying tickets for 3 people. insane. anyway, i'm tempted to get them the jetstar ticket. i've checked - it's ~950$ (jetFlex (refundable) n tax INclusive!!!) or ~700$ (jetSaver (non-refundable) - still tax INclusive). the only prob is that it only goes to Denpasar (BALI). a bit troublesome PLUS just found out from my mom that the cheap domestic flight between Bali - Jkt (air asia only allows up to 15kg of luggage. what's 15kg?? d*mit. it's not enough. especially if u're coming from indo to melb. there's so much cheap things to bring over. all said n done... i will have to continue my journey of finding a more suitable bargain...


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