Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm bored!!!
Really bored.
Can't help to think about beaches, hills, gardens.
Basically, the outdoor!
After my recent trip to Wilson Prom, I can't stop thinking bout going to the beach everyday and just hang out there doing nothing - how nice would it be?
I also can't stop thinking about trying new things, swimming with the dolphins, fishing (really? mmm not sure bout the baits and the dead fishes), even rock climbing looks quite interesting.. :P hahaha
Disappointed that I didn't go to any of the Prom's falls - like the one in the Grampians.
Can't stop thinking bout road trip. Maybe to Adelaide.. or back to my favorite destination, the Great Ocean Road.
Considering to get squash (or perhaps tennis) lesson...
What happened to my dance lesson?
Been learning to ride a bike - OK, only one session - but I've give it a try. :P Will do so again soon.
I want to be on holiday... Can't function properly without one soon!

Holiday... mmmmmmmmmmmmm *dreamy look*

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li'l cookie said...

I feel you sister...