Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wilson's Prom Pictures

Some pics from my visit to Wilson's Prom a few years back...

Normally, I forgot things very easily, but somehow this trip stick with me.. Maybe it's the excellent views, maybe the time I went, maybe it's the people that I went with, I don't know, but it just does... It was a great trip...

This picture below was taken after about an hour long hike up the hill... The view was amazing, and unlike other places I've been, there was no gates or fences around the area... it was stunning!
This was taken around 10 ish I think, we were at the squeaky beach.. the sands were just white... it was warm and really nice... and when you walk on the sand, there is this cute squeaky sound :P

It took me a while before I can take this picture.. Had to wait for the right wave to hit the stone, had to wait for the right time to press the click button.. :P It's definitely worth the wait...

Sugi took this shot... this birdie was just standing still there.. waiting for its picture to be taken.. and Sugi couldn't resist... turns out to be a great pic :P

This is a bit away from Wilson's prom.. I believe this was taken in Phillip Island.. Great sunset... I had to get Sugi to park the car just for me to take this picture... Until then, I didn't realise how quick it is for the sun to set... it was extremely quick, it's like every second counts.. and if you don't take the picture at the right second, it's gone... :P

I can't wait to go again... It's next week... I really hope and wish that it's gonna be great. Actually I know it's going to be great, but oh well... *fingers crossed*

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