Monday, November 20, 2006

De-clutter / Organize My Life

I was browsing my iVillage RSS feeds today and I found these quizzes about life, its chaotic level or its complication level... I thought it might be useful to know where I'm at...

Here's the result that I get when I take the "Is Your Life Too Complicated" quiz by iVillage...

Woman on the Line
Your busy life is threatening to knock you off your shaky balance. While you're doing your best to stay in control, one more to-do on your list (or one more bill, or sleepless night) could send you over the edge.

What can you do to make things easier and feel better about your life? It's simple: try these 15 easy tricks.

And here's the result that I get for the "Is Your Life Too Chaotic" quiz...

Prone to Chaos
You probably find yourself organized at times and lost in chaos at others. One day the beds are made, the bills are paid and you are on time for all of your appointments. Suddenly something happens -- you get stressed out at work, your mother calls to criticize you or your heating bill skyrockets -- and next thing you know, your home is full of clutter, the dishes are piling up and you are waking up every morning exhausted. Does this strike a chord with you? These stressful times in our lives are called "chaos triggers." But there are ways to combat them so that they won't throw you off course in the future.

So, these links below might comes in handy, if you're a bit like me... :)


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zen sugiarto said...,,92c9,00.html

thanks for the link. Strangely I am in a dire need to de-clutter my life.

Susah jg ya, hmmm.