Saturday, November 11, 2006

My imaginary shopping trip

Gosh! I think I'm in need of professional help. I can't stop thinking bout shopping. Seriously. I just can't. Somehow I managed to come up with all these excuses to go shopping. Buying stuffs that I know doesn't mean much. They will definitely excite me temporarily, but in terms of usefulness, I really doubt it. Since it is extremely difficult for me to curb my desire to go shopping, I thought instead of actually doing the shopping, I could pretend to be shopping. I'll window-shop online, looking through websites and list them here, just to make me feel as if I own the item already. (Kinda pathetic yeah?)

First of all, we definitely have to visit my favorite shop, i.e. Cue.

Secondly, Beauty Heaven...
Which girl can pass through make-up counter without at least eye-ing their stuffs, especially if it comes in pretty packaging like these stores...

Then, Borders, for sure! By the way, I signed up for the newsletter, and guess what did I get? A 20% discount voucher for a full-price item!!! How nice!

Next stop, kikki-k is definitely worth checking out. They change the world of stationeries around. They somehow manage to make them colourful and FUN! Definitely will re-vamp your work desk.

Last but not least, we shall visit peter-alexander. They've got the nicest PJs ever. They create this world full of bed time accessories, and let me tell you, they've got the cutest stuffs ever! When you're on their site, look out for the christmas catalogue. Definitely worth skimming through.

Hmm... bed time... zzzzZZZZzzzzz g nite!

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