Monday, January 22, 2007

FOUND IT!!! Beryl Project!!!

HA! Great stuff - I finally found the Windows' Desktop Sidebar equivalent in Ubuntu. This Beryl Project LOOKSSSS great.. Will have to try it soon :)) Yay!!!!!!!!!! -- Beryl + aiglx on YouTube! -- it was featured on ubuntu tutorials!!

good nite! now it is for real. sleep time zzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzZZZz

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zen sugiarto said...

lol you are such a freak!

btw, get

better than winamp, better than iTUNES. It's the best.
XMMS would come second in mp3 player department.
Both comes with the ability to tune in to internet radio station (such as one in but XMMS... CAN RIP THE SONGS! Meaning you can 'save' the songs playing in ur soundcard as it plays in XMMS.
I still prefer amarok to this day tho...

caters for all ur term need.

I think you might have this already, I told u abt this last time.

or crossover office, runs windows program on linux. If you really can't live without microsoft office. I found open office sux compared to MS office.

another common little trick is to run SSH daemon (openssh-server), then you can 'login' to your PC at home from work. You can even SCP to it... provided you know your own IP of course.

heheheheheheh seems like u are really enjoying your linux experience. :) :) :)