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Happy New Year 2007

I can't believe it is the 2007 ALREADY!!! It's insane. This is the year Farli plans to marry the girl of his dream... 7th July 2007!!! This is the year I turn to be a quarter century of age!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.. that sounds old.. A quarter century! Help! What have I achieved so far? I'm not sure that I have anything worth mentioning.. Geez.. that sure sounds pathetic. Of course I do.. I'm proud my life and the people that are in it... =))) It's a great life... Let's see..

2007: ... Yet to find out ..
2006: The year that I took all my savings and put them into one investment. Hope it's the right move. The year that my relationship with Sugi changed the most (to the better - I think...). The year that the greatest Body Pump instructor (in-my-opinion), Gary, passed away. The year when I start to think about the future - where I want to be, and how should I achieve my dream. Essentially, this might be the year that I grew up. :P Also, this is the family year!!! Everyone I sees is either getting married or having a baby. It's lovely but kinda scary to me. Anyway, this is the year that Marda got married and the year that Sam had Elijah :). The year I went clubbing most I think. Ended the year with a fireworks trip with Sugi at the Melbourne CBD. It is insanely crowded. We walked home - along the Yarra river.
2005: My first working full-time year with DWS - meet lots of new and interesting people... Weekend away at the Crown Promenade. It's a bit sad and good in the same time (I learned a lot about myself) that Sugi is back in Indo for the last half of the year. Holiday to Sby and Medan - interesting. Holiday to Bali - one of the greatest and loveliest experience I've had in my life! Spend the New Year's Eve in Japan!!!! =))) One of my life-long dream trip.
2004: The year I did my honours - very exciting and valuable experience - also met a lot of really lovely people. It's a pity that we can't catch up more often :P Jefrey left for Shanghai... The year I got to know and had my love affair with Cookie. Bernie left for Singapore... The year my grandfather (from mom side) passed away without me even meeting him even though I was in Jakarta... The year I graduated... The year I applied to DWS. It was Danielle West who interviewed me. I remember the VERY INTERESTING aptitude test. I remember that I was again wearing my lucky black shirt (that was the only decent shirt I had), this time with a gray/black pants. I definitely remember the proudness and excitement that I feel when I was given the offer letter. This was a HUGE moment. Went to Carols by Candle Light on Christmas Eve. Ended the year with Sugi in a River Cruise at 200$ a head. It was worth paying though. We had great times (food, fun, and fireworks)!!! =)))
2003: The last year of my Bachelor degree - a big turning point. It was altogether really scary and exciting time. The year me, lia, marda n sugi started and closed down Fleur Fashion. The year I moved out of Cromwell Rd to Chapel St (no longer staying with lia... :() I think this is also the year Marda left Melbourne and didn't come back... Ended the year by starting my working experience with Coles Supermarket Prahran. Somehow I can never forget the day I went to the interview. It was raining hard. I was wearing my lucky black shirt and brownish skirt. Despite the short distance, I had to take the taxi because of the rain. The taxi fare was definitely worth paying - since I got the job!!! =)
2002: The second year of my Bachelor degree - met some new friends (the Jayuz gank). The year I got to know Kazu - the great chef. The year I worked as a dish-washer. The year I work in Osama's mobile shop for a bit too. The year I had lotssss of fun with Jef, Marda, Lia and Sugi. The great team. Lots of fun and enjoyable time at uni n outside of uni, FINALLY! :) Ended the year with the Sydney - Gold Coast trip with Thien cc, Sugi n Yong + meeting the rest of the family in Gold Coast!!!
2001: The first year of my Bachelor degree - no friends at uni - uni was tough, but interesting. Decision decision - about which course I want to do. Ended this year with South Africa trip!!! The year I met Andre for the second time.
2000: The year I came to Melbourne. The year I met Sugi. The La Trobe foundation year. The year where in my life, there is only Cath :). The year I spent with Auntie Colleen and family. It was a great year indeed, I had a blast!!! How can I ever forget, I reminisced this year from time to time. The year I was kinda close to Charley.. Ended the year with the fun trip to Europe!!! Met Andre in person.
1999: The year I spend in Penang (S1). The year I get to know Marda, Jessy, and Cath better. The year where I live my life on the Net!!! The year my sis left me in Penang!!! :P Met Peter Cutter - the head of La Trobe Foundation Year at that time, he's kinda the man who brings me to Melbourne. :) The trip to US year, went to LA, SF and Anaheim. :) Great trip.
1998: The year I finished my EBTANAS!!! Last year of Junior High School in Jkt. The year I moved to Penang (J2) with my sis. The year I get to know Lia, Agnes, Cella, Tasha, Rosie, Cou Ni. The year I got to know mIRC, ICQ and Andre.
1997: Second/Third year of Junior High School in Jkt. The year I got to know pipi, ping2, pina. No vikom yet at that time - she was still the snobbish looking annoying girl hahahaha :P (sorry hun, I'm just kidding). My 10-days trip to Singapore with Thien cici. Great time!!!
1996: First/Second year of Junior High School. Split most of my time with Ai2 and Jefrey. I think this is also the year Thien Cici moved into my home and we shared a room... :) Great time. :)
1995: SD 6 (Elementary school grade 6) in Tar-Q 4 / First year of Junior High School in Tar-Q 2. The trip to Australia and New Zealand as a tourist. The year I was close to OJ, Fuji and Ai2.
1994: SD 5/6 (Elementary school grade 5/6) in Tar-Q 4. The year I get to know Franco and Fransiskus!!! The crazy duo.
1993: SD 4/5 (Elementary school grade 4/5) in Tar-Q 4. The year I learn to speak Indonesian. :P The year I get to know Evelyn. :)
1992: SD 3 (Elementary school grade 3) in Sutomo / SD 4 (Elementary school grade 4) in Tar-Q 4. The year I moved from Medan to Jakarta.
1991: SD 2/3 (Elementary school grade 2/3) in Sutomo. My trip to China and Malaysia.
1990: SD 1/2 (Elementary school grade 1/2) in Sutomo.
1989: TK 3 (Primary school grade 3) / SD 1 (Elementary school grade 1) in Sutomo.
1988: TK 2/3 (Primary school grade 2/3) in Sutomo. My youngest brother, Charles, was born this year - not that I remember anything bout my mom being pregnant... It's funny how I don't remember a thing. It's sad too. I wish I remember.
1987: TK 1/2 (Primary school grade 1/2) in Sutomo. My only sister, Shelwin, was born this year. I wish I remember something.
1986: TK 1 (Primary school grade 1) in Sutomo.
1985: My younger brother, Edyson, was born this year. I don't remember much - but looking at the old pictures, I think I was jealous at that time. I must be. I mean, going from being the only child to have to share all the attention with one handsome little boy - geez that must have been annoying. :P
1984: I don't recall doing anything special this year... :P I was 2 years old!
1983: And if I don't recall doing anything at 2 years old, how am I to remember anything from the time I was 1 year old!
1982: The year I was born...

With school period, all the slashes is because in Indonesia, our school year goes from July to June the next year... So half of my year is spend on a class while the other half is spend on one level up class. :)

This is soooooo difficult to do yet so much fun! :) I encourage all the other bloggers to do the same thing... :) I'm sure I have left out LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OF THINGS... I'll be adding stuffs on to this post all the time... :)

In conclusion, I love my life... I love my family, my relatives, my friends, all the people in my life.. Even if I say so myself, I am one damn lucky soul. :)

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