Sunday, January 14, 2007

A well deserved good weekend break...

Been EXTREMELY BUSY at work and with all the Sat & Sun work at Coles; I'm exhausted... This weekend has been good though - worked yesterday morning then slept nearly the whole afternoon; didn't work today.. :) Now I'm all relaxed; crossed off some of my chores. I feel great and all set for the start of the week. :)

After a long break from the gym (8 full days); I finally made it to the gym and I ran for a full 7 minutes at 10.6 and incline of 1.0 today!!!! I am so proud of myself.. I didn't know I have it in me :) I know for some people it's like (just full 7 minutes?) but for me; who normally can't even fully completed 3 minutes run; 7 minutes was WOW!!! Most of the time when I'm on the treadmill; I'll be doing 2 minutes run; 3 minutes walk so on and so forth. I struggled to burn 50 calories in 5 minutes; Today I burned 100 calories within 8 minutes + !!! Yayyyy!! =) Followed by a miserable body pump class (I know I got to face it one day - been away from pump for more than 2 weeks now - hence the misery). Tomorrow I'll surely struggle to feel my legs with those bottom half squats :P.

By the way, watched The O.C. last nite - episode 9 of the 4th season... Loved the part after Frank left the house and Sandy apologize to Ryan that his meeting with his dad ends badly. Ryan said to Sandy ...
"My dad's right here..."

Yummmmmyyyyyy... Touchè! Definitely one of the best scene throughout the O.C. series :)

Bought the Atom XDA Exec to replace my Nokia 7370 and iPaq hx 2410.. :)

Didn't like it straightaway but after a few days; kinda warms up to it.. The size difference with my iPaq is amazing... it's quite reliable.. comes with camera too - even if it's not as good as it could have been.. Still trying to find out how to set the different ringtones for different categories of people... :P and couple other litte things...

Now in a mission to fix the annoying space bar of my laptop's keyboard!!!! So irritated by the fact that it sometimes give me two spaces and at other times none at all!!! *Grrrrrrrr*@#$#@$%~!#@ Emailed Dell and waiting for their response. In the mean time; if I had missed out on space or put in extra spaces; yap, it's my keyboard.

Another mission of mine is to have Ubuntu on my laptop dual-booting with my XP till I'm sure that I can live without Windows :P Will update on progress...

Watched Red Eye last nite - it was quite good. :)

Currently listening to... "Light Surrounding You" by Evermore and "How to Save a Life" by The Fray. Great songs :)

Can't wait to watch "Deja Vu" - Denzel Washington!!!



zen sugiarto said...


Another option is to install VMWARE in your Windows PC:

This thing let's you to have a 'PC' inside your PC. You can install Ubuntu 'inside' Windows and play around with it. It will use whatever hardware you have, so things that works on your VMWARE, you know that it will work as fine on the real thing. And it's less fuss, because you don't need to repartition your HDD at all.

It's very nice, but there is a catch. The software is not free, and last for only 30 days.

After that, you need to re-get the license, but you won't need to re-install the whole ubuntu into ur new VM ware license again. So overall, I'd say it's perfect for trying things out... like Ubuntu.

Good luck ^^

zen sugiarto said...

Sorry shoulda cut the crap and get straight to the cheese.

is the link you want to go. Brings u directly to the download page.