Sunday, January 07, 2007

Say "No to All" when Copying Files in Windows

So, I'm getting ready to install dual boot on my notebook between XP and ubuntu. Initially I wanted to scrap off all my XP installation; but come to think of it, I might come across issues with sync-ing with my iPaq and the O2 Atom XDA Exec that I'm buying sometime soon; along with other stuffs that I need to do on XP that might not be avail. in Ubuntu (Ubuntu-ers, I know I know there is no such thing; but hey, I'm an amateur at this stage; so pardon my not-knowing-of-all the available applications in Ubuntu).
Anyway, as I'm trying to back up my pictures on to this portable hard disk that I somewhat has borrowed from Sugi; this "File already exist - would you like to replace it?" window keep popping up as I've done partial back up couple weeks ago. All the Windows users out there must already know that the options are Yes, Yes to All, No, Cancel. How annoying is it to keep on having to type No when you have hundreds of files that are copied already but not the 10 files. Most of the time I'll just choose Yes to All since even if it takes more time at least it can be a background task for me. Somehow today, instinctively, I choose to key in Shift+N and ... It works!!!! It's basically to say "No to All"... I wasn't sure that it is the case so I do a quick google; and the link below confirmed it... :) Yippeeee...
The only thing is that it doesn't work for files in sub-folders; it's still ask you about it as a sub-folder; so what I do is to drag items from sub-folders separately... Yay!

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zen sugiarto said...

pake solasiban, plakban di sekitar N key, ganjel pake penghapus... huehuehueheu

btw gw ga tau lho ttg shift+n ! w00t