Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ubuntu-ers - Beware - Lost of Notification Area

I upgraded myself to Ubuntu: Edgy today. This is all for Beryl. That's definitely where I'm heading. I'm starting to get the hang of Ubuntu. But today, actually just now, I did the most idiotic mistake.
I accidentally removed my notification area (or my part of my system tray). I'm so stressed out. Cause it means that all my backgroung apps can't be seen. Worst thing is that I can't see my KTorrent; whenever I launch it - it just keep on re-launching in the silent mode (background). Can you imagine how frustrating it was???? Anyway; I sort of know that I must have deleted part of my system tray - cause it look different. I wasn't sure what to google for... I was just looking for "maximize ktorrent" "ubuntu removed system tray" and some other stupid queries.
Luckily, I stumbled across this page below ...
LOL.. now I got my notification area and a bit extra.
I discovered that Ubuntu has built-in Weather Report!!! How cool is that??? I don't even need to add another software for it.. It doesn't really give you weather forecast though :P
If you're interested; right click on one of your panel; choose add to panel then look in the accessories area; there is this Weather Report. Drag it out to your panel and Voila! it's on your panel. Just right click and configure it to report on your location and you're good to go...
Lalalalalala I still can't believe I removed my notification area - nearly gave me a heart attack! HAHAHHAAHA :) g'nite

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li'l cookie said...

ha? what the hell are you talking about.. care to explain it to me once you get your butt here pls.. :)