Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Book Reviews Site

In my search of a good Self-Help book on the topics of Confidence / Self Esteem, Handling Fear and Insecurities, Avoid Over Thinking and Finding Inner Peace; I came across many different titles. Each one prettier than the other. Various promises on how it will "change life".

How do I know which one will be worth reading? Does any of them has capability of really changing my life? Why is there no website for book reviews that has everything?

I suppose Amazon do the job pretty well.. Most books will be available there - but I have to scroll quite a bit before I actually get to the Review part and it's pretty random... It would be nice to have an actual Book Review portal which does only that and nothing else.

I found this metacritic site. It has Film, DVD, Music, Games, Books, TV reviews. The book reviews are not as complete as I'd like it to be but hey, maybe it's just a matter of time and publicity.

As a trial, check out the reviews on the "Eat Pray Love" book by Gilbert Elizabeth.

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