Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dumb Little Man says...

This morning, the "Arguing 101: Learn the Rules" article from the Dumb Little Man blog intro me to itself.

Then, just like what anyone would normally do when they first meet someone new, I asked questions. Hmmm more accurately, I poked the site a little, which was smart of me (hihihi :P) cause I found the following article, which in my humble opinion contain some very very useful tips...
"Things I Wish I Knew..."

Some of the ones that I particularly like are as follows (direct quotes):
  • No one will believe in you more than you do. ... If you believe in it, do it.

  • In business, trust is never sacred. ... I don't care who your partner is - MONEY CHANGES PEOPLE!

  • Money isn't Bad. You have to understand that money is good and your spending habits are bad. ... EVERY single dollar you spend must be scrutinized. If the dollar is not helping your long term goals, don't spend it.

  • Having a kid will change your life. ... Don't play with fire unless you are ready to completely change your life... it's not a dog.

  • and lastly, my personal favorite ...

  • You choose your destination. Your time to experiment is over quickly. Before your obligations consume you, be sure you are happy with your personal path.

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