Monday, December 03, 2007

Note to self: 9 Point Plan Towards Inner Peace

In my search of solution towards my being lost feeling, I came across this very handy article.. "Revealed: Nine ways to find your inner happiness" by Ben Mcconville in New York (posted on Wed 12 Nov 2003).

The plan in summary is as follows:
  1. Stop comparing how you look with others. It says, "The secret is to believe you look great."

  2. Next, "curb those aspirational desires". Aspiring far beyond what you currently tended sets you up for being less happier than if you aspire for things that are closer to what you already tended. This is quite reasonable seeing that by aspiring far beyond, you will have to commit for a long period before realising the aspiration.

  3. Interestingly put, "money can buy happiness, but it doesn’t buy you very much. Once you can afford to feed, clothe and house yourself, each extra pound makes less and less difference, said Professor Robert Frank, an economist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York."

  4. Intelligence has no effect towards happiness - according to the few surveys that has examined the relationship between the two.

  5. Though this is not necessarily helpful, apparently "Happiness is also genetic." However, know that the genetic link actually comes through Personality, which helps. Cause we can direct our personality to lean towards happiness.

  6. "Married people are also consistently happier than singles." Really? Though, note on the side, "happy people are more likely to get married and stay married." So, maybe it's just cause they're already happy to begin with? (my defense for the non-married - like me :P)

  7. Apparently, "believing in God or an afterlife can give people meaning and purpose, and reduce the feeling of being alone in the world." Though I personally think, it doesn't necessarily have to be God or afterlife, it could come in the form of meditation.

  8. "Several studies have found a link between happiness and altruistic behaviour."

  9. Last but not least, "to grow old gracefully." It elaborates and explains that "old people reported positive emotions as often as young people but negative emotions much less frequently." Well, I guess the wisdom and appreciation that people got from life experiences do help.

Please visit the above post for more detailed information.

On a more religious side, the article titled "Bodhinatha Speaks on: Attaining Enduring Happiness" at Kauai's Hindu Monastery has several valid points too...

Maybe it's time for me to start reading "Buddhism for Busy People: Finding Happiness in an Uncertain World (Paperback)"
It has intrigued me a while ago when I first saw it. I shall go and get them today with the help of Borders 30% Discount coupon.. *wink*

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