Friday, December 21, 2007

New Year Resolutions

I actually silently decided that I am not going to blog about this topic. But I was intrigued by a particular post.

It is lovely to think that I will improve all aspects of myself in the NEW YEAR. I will do things better. I will achieve my career goals. I will be better at adhering to my budget. I will lose my flabs and never worry about my appearance anymore. I will be a nicer person.

Truth is - these resolutions are rolled over from the past few years.

They all seem great at the time they were made. All the goals look realistic and possible despite being shiny and shimmery. But as soon as the holiday is over and work started, the jittery got lost in routines. Before I know it, I fall back to doing the same things the exact same way I've always been doing them and forgot all about the resolutions (until I reach the end of the year - again!).

Nothing changed. No extra savings. No in-love-with-my-job. No sudden weight loss. No volunteering. Bleh!

So... in the post that intrigued me, "7 Highly Effective Resolutions for the New Year" at Ririan Project, the author advised us to...
... make a useful and realistic resolution. Stop focusing on such perennial classics as going to the gym more often, losing weight and quitting smoking. Think bigger, better and brighter, for you and for those around you.

In the post, she listed 7 resolutions that will help with self improvement - becoming a better person. For me though, the following resolutions seem very applicable:

  • Be Grateful - If you don’t already thank people when they do something nice for you, start taking the time to notice just how many people help you over the course of a day.
  • Though for me, I'd like to be more grateful with what I already have. Being envious is extremely tiresome!

  • Change One Negative Thing About Yourself - Be it jealousy, constant stress, misanthropy, always staying in, lying, or what have you, pick something that exudes negative energy and phase it out. ... Fixing the negative will increase your self-esteem, so believe in yourself.
  • I will need to have a year-end self-reflection session and decide on which one of my negative thing that I really can't stand anymore - will report back later. :P

  • Listen More - Remember: “If he who listens, listens fully, then he who listens becomes he who understands.”

With this list published here - I hope I'll have more success in sticking with them for the year 2008!

"A nice bonus is that once you feel yourself improving, in body and in mind, you will want to improve your life in other ways. One resolution could lead to a dozen more!"-- Taken from the above article.

Well, the best of luck to all of us in sticking to whatever New Year Resolution that we decided to make. May the future be better than today.

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