Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"I'll be happy when..."

On the 6th of December 2007, Gretchen from The Happiness Project posted the "I'll be so happy once I'm thin. Or rich. Or successful. Or engaged. Right?" article. I read them recently and I really liked it. Her honest words got me thinking on the fact that the "I'll be happy when.." thinking way is so relate-able to me.

Not long after that, as I was reading Chapter 4: Karma of the Buddhism for Busy People book, just like many other life funny coincidences, I got to the "I'll be happy when..." section. It starts with an interesting Tibetan saying..
Don't overlook small and seemingly insignificant negative actions.
The smallest of sparks can burn down a mountain.
@ page 77 *

Right after that section is the 'Getting what you want' section, and in there I found an interesting thought that is said to be a famous aphorism from George Bernard Shaw...
'There are two disappointments in life; not getting what you want, and getting it.'
@ page 80 *

These thoughts are definitely something worth pondering upon.

* Page references comes from the 2nd edition soft cover version of the book.

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