Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Apartment Therapy: Top 10 Organizing Tips From Chez Larsson

'Totally desirable' is the right phrase for these organized shoe racks and book shelf below!

Came across these settings in the Apartment Therapy's new post, "Top 10 Organizing Tips From Chez Larsson".

The tips are pretty good. Here's the ones that are very applicable to me:
6) Own what you love.
"Just because somebody you love gave you something doesn’t mean you have to display it or, in my case, even keep it if it’s not to your taste."
3) It’s only “stuff”.
"You probably won’t regret what you’ve edited out."
2) Let it go.
"I always keep a row of grocery bags in the garage designated for stuff I want to get rid of. One goes to the local charity shop, one goes to my son’s younger cousins, one goes to recycling. When one bag is full I bring it to wherever it’s intended. I love it when all the bags are gone!"

So far, I'm enjoying my decluttering cycle. It allows me to appreciate and love what I have MORE!

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