Friday, May 09, 2008

Weekly Update 2

Apology for the delay on updates.

So - this week - I bought the calorie counter book (by Allan Borushek). It's a really good guide book when I'm out and about deciding what I'm going to have.
My biggest problem at the moment? Dinner portion control! It's very difficult. As soon as I come home from work and sit and eat - I just can't quite control myself. I'm going to try to tackle it with having soup / salad as appetizer.

Mantra for the week? Remember, those 'FREE doughnuts' or 'feeling impolite to decline food' or 'just a little bit more to polish the plate' - they all count! They are all part of my calorie intake. It helps a lot :)

I didn't have coffee at all this week! Yay! :) I figure I could make better use of that 50 calorie rather than spend it on Skinny Cappucino :P Plus, I find when I drink coffee on the day that I do Bikram Yoga, it kills me during the practice.
I've now stashed low-er calorie food everywhere. My home, workplace, Shanon's home. :) LOL. It's quite fun really. It's a big change. The best thing about the calorie counting? I still get to eat whatever I want to. I just have to plan it into my daily intake.

On Friday, I tried to walk up the stairs at work. Gosh. Going from Ground level to the 8th floor only take 2 minutes but it definitely kills my breath.

Funny thing? I sometimes think about eating junk food "secretly" only to realise that it doesn't matter, I can't lie to myself - it still has to go into my food diary. :P *LOL*

I'm quite happy with the things that I learn this week. Interestingly, I just realised that actually already have the necessary skill to make this work. It's basically like counting money. I just need to learn to be more discipline about it and start looking at it the way I look at money.

Tips for others who are changing their food lifestyle too? Omit or replace stuffs (dressings or cheese) which are really high in calorie but you don't actually taste it that much. :) Choose better junk.

The best thing? I've really gotten a massive confidence boost from doing this. I feel great almost all the time, knowing that the situation is not hopeless, that I am in control, that it's my choice whether to eat excessively or not. The other good thing is that I don't think I could go back to ignore the fact that I know how big in excess calories I'm taking in. :) So - this most likely will work.

This week average: 1525 calories.

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Note to self: Pssst... weight loss, there is nothing magical about it. It's just like saving money. You just have to be discipline and patient. You'll get there! :)

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