Monday, May 19, 2008

My Life's Ups and Downs

I have to say - I'm amazed at where my life's at right now. I really have no complaint whatsoever. Sure, I want it to keep improving, but for now, there is really nothing I need to change. I'm loving it. I feel at peace with everything.

My family life is better than ever. Other people might think differently, but it doesn't matter. I personally think it is currently awesome. It was really great having my dad here for a short while and my mom here for a month (in the past month). Her presence lights up our li'l cosy apartment and get things in order. I hope it will just keep getting better and we can all lead a happy and healthy family life. :)

My love life is ... *speechlessly awesome* :) No further comments necessary.

My close friends are as great as ever. :) As above - no further comments necessary.

My new diet and health approach is working out better than I could ever expect them too. I'm eating things that I love, in moderate portion, as well as lower calorie things that will fill me up, when I feel like eating. I'm starting to get addicted to Bikram Yoga - to the point where I actually look forward to the class and especially the feeling I get when I complete a class well. To top that, my clothes are now fitting so much better. :)

My work life is going well considering everything. I no longer dread Mondays. I am busy and quite excited with the work that I need to get done. Plus, having decided that I have and will make use of the option of doing interesting evening courses, really does make me feel better about the 9am-5pm IT work.

My home has less clutter than ever. As it should - after my decluttering sessions from end of last year till early this year plus my mom's recent visit. The icing on the cake for me is that I've just cleaned up my paperworks. I got rid of the useless receipts and inapplicable terms & conditions papers, put all my yearly tax documents in a folder. Sorting the

My financial setup? Couldn't be any better. I've just setup my spending plan for the next few months and I'm extremely happy with it. I now have 1 transaction account, 3 purpose-driven savings accounts (linked to my transaction account with instant-access, i.e. I can transfer fund to my transaction account as needed), additional savings account (without instant access), 1 regularly used credit card, 1 temporary credit card - because it offers 0% balance transfer for 6 months (check out St George Vertigo Card if you're interested) and 1 emergency credit card. The spending plan (in an excel spreadsheet), along with my mmex, portable money tracking software, allows me to spend a mere 15-20 minutes weekly to monitor my (yes, some would say excessively many) accounts. It feels so good to be in control of all this without barely any effort and/or time. It works extremely well for me right now. Refer The Spending Plan: Budgeting for Non-Budgeters ∞ Get Rich Slowly || How to Automate Your Personal Finances ∞ Get Rich Slowly || Use a Freedom Account to Prepare for the Unexpected ∞ Get Rich Slowly for other useful information on this topic.

I still have quite a few tasks on my to do list. But they're not dated. They're just there - waiting for when I feel like doing them or need to do them.

Moreover, I love having lots of spare time, to work on things that I want to do (my Interior Design course, my recipe box, browsing my snapshots, and my silly time-consuming task oriented games - PlayFirst) or simply to hang out with Shanon and/or my siblings.

I love my life (and plan to continue to...)

PS: This post is not meant for me to flaunt or to hurt anyone (in any way). I don't remember ever feeling this way and to recognize what a milestone this is, this post is here to remind me of how great a life I'm leading, what a precious group of people I have in it and how grateful I am for them. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Good to know all is well for you. Your whole family together, wow!

piyo-chan said...

Thanks Bernie :) How are you doing?