Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tara Whitney Interview by Two Peas in a Bucket

I've been admiring Tara Whitney's work for a while. Well, ever since I was introduced to her from Pipi's blog. Her pictures are exactly as her motto, "perfectly imperfect".

Yesterday in her blog, she talked about the recent interview that Lisa McGarvey from Two Peas in a Bucket held with her. I was very excited to read all about her. :)

In the interview, she shared three amazing images that best represent her style (see sample below). Psst... check out the interview for the other two! :) She also talked about the photographer she was influenced by when she first started, Stacey Kane. Hihi. Wow! It feels like finding out about my God's God to me! *LOL* What I meant to say is that - it was kewl to find out that she was also influenced by someone else!

Anyway, I checked out Stacey Kane's blog and I really like the thumbnail-ish pictures that she did for jo + chris wedding (see below).
The colouring is amazing!

But - I still can't see how this relates to Tara's style... until I saw this post, "on location in #1". Loved the pictures!

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