Friday, May 30, 2008

Glad to Learn Something New Everyday!

While planning menu for next week, I decided on trying out these two recipes:
* Jamie Oliver's Tasty Fish Bake (which looks amazing)
* Simply Recipe Chili Beans

As always, I go through the ingredients list, to see if there is anything that I won't be able to get. In Jamie's recipe, "Hmmmmm?" pops up at the "Single Cream". What is it? Google-d it. Here's what I found.
What is the difference between single and double cream? -- Kirkfood
Single cream is 35% fat cream with no thickening agent, like gelatine, added. Double Cream is 45% Cream with no thickening agent. You will need to read the fat Content on the pack to work out what is what as in Australia, the labels do not mention single or double. Single Cream is usually called "pouring cream" and is widely available in Supermarkets. To my knowledge, there is only one manufacturer of what the English chefs call Double cream and That is Bulla. You may have to look hard to find it, particularly outside of Victoria. I think its is called Bulla Pure Cream, but remember, check the fat content.

Next, Chili Beans... "HAH - Cilantro leaves?" What is that Pokemon?
Well - it turns out, that is what American calls Coriander -- Taste Forum (my favorite herb, that is!).
More on Coriander in Wikipedia.


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