Thursday, May 01, 2008

No one can make you happy...

... but yourself!

I'm having a very very good day. Why? For many reasons. But mainly attributed to "feeling slimmer" - yup, like most women out there. :P

I've decided to make good use of this great feeling, my clearer vision (more in thoughts than literally :D), my silly embarrassment, and my blog. What am I talking about? Well! Last week, suddenly this following quotes make overwhelming sense to me!
"Mind over matter."
It's like doh! How can I not think this way all this time? How can I don't read that sentence and totally applies it to all aspects of my life? Seriously!
This triggers my brain to try and find ways to apply the following...
"Our mind is a powerful thing, you can do anything that you set your mind to.
Let go of the things that you can't control, focus on those you can!"

So - what am I going to do with this?
I took a look at my life. A real good hard look.
In the past year, I feel that I (and my life) have improved a lot. It doesn't matter what other people say (to me - which is a great improvement on itself), I know I have. Seriously. I've made many decisions and changes that I'm VERY happy with.
  • I love the person I'm with.
  • I love my lovely and refined relationship with my family (refined is more so with my siblings).
  • I (have always) love my friends. I enjoy my day to day routines (outside of work).
  • I cleaned out my clutters (as much as I can).
  • I detached myself from shopping (yup - also as much as I can :P).
  • My financial state reflecting the changes in my spending.
  • I am very proud me and Shanon's attempts to shop at the market and cook (of course - until my mom comes over and spoil me :P).
  • My decision to choose Bikram Yoga over Fitness First gym. Totally attributed to my feeling great!
  • Finding a good proper Tax Accountant (thanks to Sam!).
  • My great dentist who scared me into flossing (and scrubbing my feet) before bed.
  • I've also made the swap from Medibank to HBA (irrelevant).
Mmm.. I could go on listing things but then I'll never get to the point. In conclusion, I just feel that my adult life is at its peak at the moment. (Mmm.. I don't really want the word "peak" here, cause it implies that it won't get better - which I totally don't agree with, but I guess this will have to do. Will modify if I think of a better word. Anyone?)

Now, how does this relate to mind over matter?
I'm still trying to find the links.. *LOL* ;) Just (half) kidding. I'll try to explain.
Well, the happiness actually points out the things in my life that I really want to change. From within, my guilt, my insecurity. Worldly, my physical appearance (i.e. my weight issue) and my work life.
Right now, the internal stuffs are still blurry to me (in terms of what to do and how); but I've now made the decision to do something about my worldly issues. These two things will be my focus points for the coming months.
This is where the "mind over matter" takes place.

In the past, I've made decisions like these. Very good ones. But things happened, situations changed, and they have all fallen into the black hole (i.e. /dev/null). Now, I'm going to try a new approach, "make up my mind, then plan and do it", instead of just going along with the flow and pray for the best. Even better, I'm going to make myself account for this *new found* determination.
What's the plan?
Well - as of the 28th April 2008, for one full month (i.e. up to 28th May 2008), I will do the following (refer to Steve Pavlina's 30 Days to Success post for more information about the one full month trial thing):
  • Controlled food intake. (1200 - 1600 calorie daily).
    For week days, I'm mainly relying on Ultra Slim, the meal replacement milk, along with fruit for brekky and sushi roll for lunch (which I don't generally have time to really enjoy anyway).
    For weekend, I'll let myself enjoy my meals - but will definitely still watch the amount of calorie that goes into my body.

  • Increase calorie burnt through exercise.
    I will do Bikram Yoga (2-3x a week) and an hour fast walk in the park weekly.

  • Interior design course.
    I vow to do at least one tutorial every 3 weeks. Geez - I enrol in this course 2 years ago!!! Better make good use of my money, and do it! I like looking at nice houses anyway! :)

I will provide weekly update on how I go, even if I'm the only one who's going to read this, I know that it's out there. It will embarrass me big time to swallow back my words. Psst... (I know it's too early but - ) so far it's WORKING!!! :)

Why am I boring you all about this?
As I said in the very beginning, I'm having a very very good day. I feel that I can think through things very clearly. I want this to last. I want to use this to pick me up in my bad days. Cause from my past experiences, I know that I don't feel good all the time. So, I'm sure that I will need this sometime later. An added bonus would be this post being (even at the slightest) useful for someone else.

Just to remind myself later, what is my motivation?
This "feeling good about myself" thing is my MAIN motivation. I want to make myself happy. I have realised and believed that only I can do things to make myself happy and I choose to act upon them.

Note to self: Stop using the word "Well" and "So" please!!!

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