Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tribute to Melbourne

Wow! This blog that I was recently referred to (by Neoma) is just full of temptation and fascinating pictures! I highly recommend all of yous to check it out!!!

The Design Files and in particular its post of Melbourne Places. Totally can't wait till I can find the time to visit all these places...
* Journal Canteen - Definitely will have to try out the antipasto (pictured on the post!!!)
* Top 5 Bookstores - This is definitely going on my to do list! :P
* Brunswick Bound (awesome bookstore with very cool counter!!!)

Or try out the "last great meal" restaurants in the interviews that Lucy, the blogger, held with interesting Melbournian, e.g.:
* Dean Angelucci's answers were: "Ezard in Flinders Lane or Da Noi in Toorak Rd" - I love Da Noi! I have to try Ezard!!! :)
* Kristina Karlsson (of Kikki.K) answers were: "Breakfast at Eurodore this morning (Bay St, Port Melbourne)" - The Eurodore place looks so interesting and TOTALLY my type of dining place (on their website)!!

Or make use of the shopping guides posts, which are very very informative and lots of fun to read!!!

Cool blog indeed! Love Melbourne! Thanks Neoma!

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