Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cravings: Sate Padang

The other day when i saw Bernard's post, Duan Wu Festival, it raises my zongzi, Sticky Rice Dumplings, cravings. Not sure what I did to deserve the luck, the next day, Louisa (my youngest brother's, Charles, girlfriend) brought over some. Yummy!

Now, for some weird reason, Sate Padang pops up in my head...
Picture taken from the sate padang!.

Yummmmmmmmmmmmm - enakk!!!! MAUUUUUUUUU!!! (Translate: Yummmmmmmmmmm - yummyy!!!! WANTTTTTTTTTT!!!)

And the above post in Berry Berry Ramen also triggers my Putu Bambu cravings!!! Arghhhh!!!

Apology for the pointless post - this is just a desperate attempt to maybe trigger the same thing happening again (someone appearing with these food)! :P

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